Additional Services

Arborist report's

Tree inventory

Stump Grinding

Tree irrigation

Fuel reduction

Defencable space

Land clearing

​And much more...

Hazardous Tree Removal

We have one of the best and most highly skilled team of tree removal specialist. No matter how big or small, no matter how technical or dangerous, we will get the job done safely.

​Tree Pruning

Trees that grow in the urban environment require ongoing maintenance to keep them the healthy and safe trees that you desire. Our team of certified arborist know all the right pruning procedures to make your trees beautiful. 

Tree Planting

Tree planting and establishment of young trees is an art by itself. If trees are not planted correctly they can be susceptible to tree failures, disease, and several other problems. We here at Pacific Crest Arborist are highly skilled in the science of tree planting, and will help you select the proper trees for your property.